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Calcium Booster

Calcium Booster

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Maintaining a hot tub or spa can prove difficult, particularly if low calcium levels are present. Low calcium begins to present with water softness but can snowball out of control to begin to corrode your vital spa equipment. Calcium Booster by Leisure Time prevents foaming and equipment corrosion by raising the water hardness in any hot tub or spa. Care and attention like this works to extend the life of your home retreat. Calcium Booster increases a necessary element in hot tub water- calcium. Water that is low in calcium can etch plaster and corrode spa and tub equipment. If your water feels softer than usual, use a test strip to gauge calcium and water hardness. You'll pour the required amount of Calcium Booster to the water, based on the severity of need, and run the filter for a few hours. Then you'll retest the water, and continue the process until you reach the appropriate calcium levels. 


  • Spa & Hot Tub Balancer
  • Increase Water Hardness
  • Easily Raises Calcium Levels
  • Works With Chlorine, Bromine & Other Chemicals
  • Safely Prevents Water Foaming & Equipment Corrosion


  • Use a Test Strip to gauge calcium level & water hardness
  • Determine the amount of product to be used (ideal hardness level for spas and hot tubs is 150-400 ppm)
  • One ounce (32 fluid ounces in one (1) quart bottle) of calcium booster raises the calcium hardness 7 ppm in 500 gallons of water.
  • Turn ON jets; let water circulate before application
  • Pour required amount into water
  • Run filter one to two hours
  • Retest water; repeat previous steps until proper level is obtained
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