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Leisure Spa Down

Leisure Spa Down

SKU: 785336304311

Spa Down is one of the most popular spa chemicals made by Leisure Time, as the pH of your spa or hot tub must remain steady. If you have a pH that is too high, you'll notice poor sanitizer efficiency, cloudy water, scale formation, shorter filter runs, and skin and eye irritation. If you're noticing these symptoms, check your pH and Alkalinity. If it is abnormally high, it is Spa Down to the rescue! Spa Down is a sodium bisulfate chemical that lowers the pH and alkalinity of out-of-balance spas and hot tubs. It is in the granular format, so may be added directly to spa water and broadcasts and begins working immediately. You won't have a waiting time for soak, there is no foam reaction or residue left behind. Once you have remedied the imbalance with Spa Down, consider using one-time application pH balance to lock in the perfect balance for months to come. 


  • Compatible with all spa chemicals
  • No waiting time to soak
  • Non foaming
  • Quick dissolving


  • 1/4 oz. (1.5 tsp.) / 500 Gallons until reaching 7.2 - 7.8 ppm
  • Broadcast directly into spa water


  • Often times by adjusting the pH, cloudy water clears
  • Maintain levels between 7.2 - 7.8 ppm
  • pH is the measure of acidity in the water
  • Use pH Balance by Leisure Time to lock in the level



Leisure Time

Amount 2 lbs

Chemical Sodium Bisulfate

Function Lowers pH

Format Granular

Compatibility All Other Spa Chemicals

Foaming Non-Foaming

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